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Our Story

We found this place through Yelp reviews as we drove from Pennsylvania to New England. 

The restaurant is extremely small - it only sits about 8 total, but man, is it worth the stop! What it doesn't have in size, it more than makes up in quality of food, value and friendliness. Everyone here is so kind, helpful and enthusiastic. 

Although there wasn't a kids meal, our two children split the chicken kabob platter and they loved it.

My husband and I had grape leaves (delicious!), the lamb schwarma and baklava. All of it exceeded our expectations. 

We plan to stop by this little gem any time we make the trek up I-287.

-Roanna B.

What Separates Us...

Carmel Haifa

Carmel Haifa brings its own take on Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It's owned and operated by the Jurri family, who came to the United States from the city of Haifa. We always wanted to bring our special kind of family tradition to the U.S. We had not seen this delicious style of Mediterranean cooking here in Morris County. Thus the birth of Carmel Haifa in Morris Plains. Carmel Haifa is sizzling with new business ever since we opened. We attract all different races and age groups, not necessarily just people from Mediterranean countries. We serve sandwiches, platters, side dishes, salads and sweets (desserts). The biggest sellers are the Falafel Haifa sandwich, the Shawerma, and Kebab dishes.

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Try our Jamileh Special! One skewer of Chicken, Lamb, or Kafta w/ Hummus, Salad, and Marina Bread. This dish won't disappoint.

Our falafel and falafel Haifa (which includes cauliflower & eggplant) is considered the best falafel anywhere in the world by our customers. 


Our Lamb, Kufta and Chicken Kebabs are purchased fresh daily and cooked over charcoals.

Our Hummus (chickpeas) and our Baba Ghanouj (eggplant) is always homemade and fresh using the finest ingredients.